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/edit/Images/DIANE_WRIGHT.JPGAnam Cara Founder

Anam Cara House Geelong started as a dream – that of Founder, Diane Wright.

Through many years of effort, Diane’s vision of creating a respite and palliative care facility in a homelike environment has been realised. Her commitment to seeing the community hospice project culminate in a functioning facility saw her meet with hundreds of community leaders, politicians, service groups and members of the Geelong and Colac communities to advocate on behalf of Anam Cara Geelong.

Through her efforts, and those of a dedicated team of volunteers and supporters, the Geelong community rallied and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the initial fit-out of the Anam Cara Geelong property – formerly the St Mary’s Presbytery.

Without Diane’s vision and dedication, Anam Cara Geelong would not exist.

“It’s come together as a result of people having the courage and vision to believe a hospice would be supported by the Geelong community”
- Diane Wright, Founder, Anam Cara House Geelong