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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anam Cara Geelong?

A four bed ground floor facility which provides accommodation and choice in short-term specialised palliative  care in a home-like environment for people with a life limiting illness.

Upstairs, six rooms provide additional low cost accommodation for families or for individuals requiring proximity to guests in the hospice or community members wanting to stay in close proximity to nearby hospitals.

Anam Cara is Gaelic for ‘soul friends’.

Where is it located?

In the historic two-storey presbytery located in the beautiful grounds of St. Mary’s Basilica Geelong, on the corner of Yarra and Myers Streets.

What is offered at Anam Cara Geelong?

A choice in place of palliative care, offering a centre of excellence in personalised care for guests and support as required for their carers – families, children and even house trained pets will be welcome.

What staffing will be available?

There is qualified nursing staff available 24 hours a day at Anam Cara Geelong for the Day Hospice and Overnight Respite Programs. Assistance is also available from dedicated community volunteers and our guests’ own doctors will be able to attend as required.

What are the benefits?

The availability of timely and flexible palliative care that will underpin home-care – the preferred place of care for most people.

Anam Cara Geelong also offers day activities, information, education, complementary therapies and bereavement support in a compassionate and caring manner that promotes community capacity building and well-being.

Who will benefit from this service?

  1. People of all ages and denominations with a life threatening illness who require short-term accommodation and care – either day stay, overnight or short term stay – within a ‘home-like’ environment.
  2. The carers of our guests will receive support and time-out while their beloved ones are accessing respite care at Anam Cara Geelong – hopefully enabling them to continue home care.
  3. The community at large and guests and families in general via shared supportive experiences, positive interactions and important opportunities for communication and information – for guests, families, volunteers and the wider community.

What will guests pay to stay at Anam Cara Geelong?

Funding is sought from local businesses, the community & Philanthropic trusts and foundations for the Day Hospice and Overnight Respite programs to be low cost or at a subsidised rate.

There is a charge of $65 - $100 per night for the Carers Accommodation at Anam Cara Geelong.

Voluntary contributions from guests are gratefully received and any donation over $2 is tax deductible.

How is Anam Cara Geelong funded?

As a community initiative, Anam Cara Geelong relies on the generosity of the community. We receive support from philanthropic trusts and foundations, local businesses and indivdiuals and families. We currently receive no government funding.

The current projected annual operating budget is approximately $650,000. This figure increases substantially as each additional night of overnight respite is introduced.

GMHBA provides its members with hospital level cover witha benefit paid for episodes of care at Anam Cara Geelong - check with GMHBA to ensure you qualify for this service.

How do I refer someone to Anam Cara Geelong?

Anyone can refer someone to Anam Cara Geelong directly.

Your GP can make the referral directly with our Hospice Manager just as if they were making a referral to hospital.

Are donations tax deductible?

Anam Cara Geelong is endorsed as a Tax Exempt Charity and has full deductible gift recipent status. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

For further information please contact us.