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Take Five with long time supporter Bob Gartland

Our Business Community Partners are committed to supporting Anam Cara and our first member was our long-time Ambassador Bob Gartland. Bob has agreed share a bit about his life and his thoughts and feelings about us.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am the Sole Director and Principal of Gartland Real Estate, and a Director of Benchmark Developments Pty Ltd. We deal in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, development large projects, and consult in Project development and marketing. We are based in Geelong and our business is primarily here and along the Surf Coast.

My interests outside of work include my involvement as Vice President of Geelong Football Club, I am a keen gardener, bike rider and grandfather.

Putting back into our community has been instilled in me from childhood. My parents taught me that this is an intrinsic part of life, and I have always enjoyed my community engagement. I feel that I am very fortunate to be able to contribute to my community, and am honoured when  the opportunity presents itself.

What is your involvement with Anam Cara Geelong?

I am an Ambassador for Anam Cara Geelong and have been since its inception. I was originally involved in the initial fund raising program to create Anam Cara, and I continue to be an Ambassador and advisor.

Why did you get involved with Anam Cara Geelong?

I was originally invited by Diane Wright and Helene Bender, to come on board. The idea of a community based hospice rang a bell with me and  after my experiences within my own family I could only accept their invitation… it was the right thing to do… for me, for Anam Cara, and Geelong.

Why is Anam Cara Geelong important to the community?

Every person who lives in Geelong will at one time or another, experience the benefit of what Anam Cara provides, whether directly or indirectly. Every person will need the very particular care that is so unique at Anam Cara, whether personally or for a relative or friend….

It’s hard to imagine a Geelong without Anam Cara now…  its part of who we are as a city….

Why should people get involved with Anam Cara Geelong?

I would encourage everyone to become involved with Anam Cara at whatever level you are comfortable… as a sponsor or  a volunteer. Giving back to the community in which we live is the most rewarding act that one can experience…. Anam Cara needs to the continued support of this community to continue the great work and vision of our own community hospice…