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St Joseph's Year 9 students raise funds for Anam Cara House Geelong

We were absolutely thrilled when St Joseph's College Westcourt Campus students visited in June 2014. The Year 9 boys designed, printed and sold a screen‐printed t‐shirt as a fundraiser, raising well over $650.

Jackson Conway recommended Anam Cara as his family had a personal experieince with the House, staff and volunteers.

Jackson’s story:

“Cam was a guest at Anam Cara. We were really close. Her husband was my Dad’s best friend throughout his whole life; he still is today.

Cam got diagnosed with cancer and she was only given until I think Christmas 2011 to live and they said she wouldn’t make it to Christmas. But she made it to that Christmas, Christmas 2012 and then she sadly passed away on March 25 2013.

It was really good to have a place where we could go. Anam Cara was just so welcoming and so caring and whatever we needed they understood that we were going through a tough time and always helped us out with it.

Especially since they rely on community funding I thought this would be a good thing for us to do, to give back to them.”

Thanks to Jackson for suggesting Anam Cara as the recipient and his classmates for doing such an incredible job.